(Saponaria officinalis)

The roots and leaves of this Eurasian perennial have high levels of saponins. These compounds can be used to create a mild soap to scour cloth before dyeing, and then used again to remove any unattached pigment after dyeing.

Plant your seeds in autumn or early spring. They like cool moist temperatures for germination. You can also propagate the plant by root divisions once you have a few individuals growing. We advise planting them in raised beds or large containers because they can be aggressive in some climates.

For Soap:
1. Dig up and thoroughly wash your roots
2. Chop roots up into small segments
3. Cover roots with water, and gently simmer for 20-30 minutes
4. Use a blender to puree your mixture, then strain through a fine mesh screen
5. Wash your fabric with strained liquid!

Packet: 100 seeds

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