Coyote Gourd

Coyote Gourd


(Cucurbita foetidissima)

This North American squash species is native to a wide range stretching from California to Virginia. Common names include buffalo gourd, coyote gourd, fetid gourd, Missouri gourd, prairie gourd, stinking gourd, wild gourd, chilicote, calabazilla and wild pumpkin. The mature fruits can be cut in half and soaked in water to create a saponin rich bath for washing wool before spinning or dyeing and a concoction from the leaves and/or seeds can be sprayed on commercial squash species to protect them against common squash pests.

Coyote gourd grows best in full sun and well draining soils. It needs very little water, and once established can survive in most places without any supplemental water. The species name foetidissima refers to the putrid smell that comes off of the plant when crushed. Because of this odor, we advise training vines away from pathways. Like other cucurbits, plant seeds when soils have warmed.

Packet: 20 seeds


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