Mexican Gold Poppy

Mexican Gold Poppy


(Eschscholzia californica ssp. mexicana)

A low-growing, annual wildflower that can also live as a short-lived perennial if the conditions are mild enough. It hails from the deserts and arid areas of the American southwest and tolerates heat and low-water conditions, though it blooms longer with some consistent watering. Bright, yellow-orange, 2 to 3 inch flowers stand 1.5 feet tall over smooth, ferny, silver grey foliage. These flowers can bloom early in the spring into the summer. They can bloom very early if seeded in fall or mild winter in the previous year. You can expect some re-blooming in the fall or fresh blooms from new seedlings from your plants. It self-sows from seedpods that pop open when dry and can shoot seeds up to 20 ft or more away! Most seeds fall nearby and the seedlings and plants are easy to weed out or transplant.

Good for pollinators; bees and bumblebees collect a lot of pollen to feed their young but the flowers donโ€™t provide nectar. The roots are used medicinally in the same way that the standard California Poppy species is, for its calming effects on the nervous system. The flower petals are edible and a beautiful addition to a salad. Great plant to add to a cover crop for its benefits to pollinators and to soil health as its taproots help to improve soil texture and accumulate nutrients.

Edible flower petals
Drought tolerant
Cover Crop

Packet: 200 Seeds

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