Spreading Fleabane

Spreading Fleabane


(Erigeron divergens)

A taprooted, biennial and occasionally short-lived perennial wildflower that can hold its own, with small, pale pink to lavender daisy-like flowers up to 2 feet tall. The form and color of its leaf and stem, as well as the density of blooms, are variable in this widespread and adaptable species. Spreading fleabane grows from deserts to mountains across the western US and Canada. Our strain forms open, mounded clouds of small, pale purple daisies over spare green-grey foliage and stems, from spring into the fall with minimal water. The plants will form a low-growing rosette of leaves in the first year while sending a taproot down into the soil and will fill out above ground and bloom in the second year.

These plants are wonderfully drought-tolerant and provide forage for many small, native pollinators. Ours were growing and blooming all summer in dormant and dead, brown grasses in between our beds through summer heat and fall chill.

Direct sow these tiny seeds or seed in outdoor pots from mid to late summer into the winter, though 1st year rosettes will form best in warmer conditions. Mixing small seeds with sand can help spread seeds when hand sowing

Packet: 300 seeds

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