Tufted Poppy

Tufted Poppy


Foothill Poppy, Collarless California Poppy
(Eschscholzia caespitosa)

An annual, taprooted wildflower that thrives in sunny area and dry soils, though it tolerates average watering well. It is native to Southwestern Oregon and much of California, and looks like a dwarf version of California poppy. Our seed stock is a canary yellow strain that hails from Southcentral western Oregon near Roseburg.

Cheery, self-seeding wildflowers good for the front of the garden bed due to their small size; also a nice addition to a pollinator strip or a low-water garden. Provides nectar and pollen especially for the very small native pollinators.

They have feathery blue-grey to seafoam green leaves crowned by 1 inch diameter canary yellow flowers at 5 to 10 inches tall. Direct sow seed or seed in flats and leave them outside in the fall, in mild winter conditions or very early spring.

Packet: 200 seeds

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