Western Aster

Western Aster


(Symphyotrichum ascendens)

A perennial, spreading wildflower with white to purple aster flowers. It can grow up to 4 feet tall, though 2 to 3 feet is more common. These tough and lovely asters are drought-tolerant, good competitors, widely adaptable to poor soils, tolerant of mowing, and easily established. We love seeing plants blooming and growing at 2 to 5 inches tall in mowed lawns in Salt Lake City.

They are valuable pollinator plants because they provide abundant nectar and pollen in the fall when pollinators are hard pressed to find food, particularly in un-irrigated spaces. A good plant for stabilizing slopes, it can compete with cheatgrass, it comes back from wildfires, and it also provides valuable forage to wildlife and livestock for a long season.

Native to the western US and Canada including every county of Utah!

Direct sow seeds or sow in outdoor flats in fall through spring. No pretreatment or chill period required for germination. Early fall is best for taking advantage of the natural moisture and mild temperatures available at that time in our area.

Packet: 200 seeds

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