Chile de Agua

Chile de Agua


(Capsicum annuum)
80-90 Days

We are so excited to be offering this Oaxacan heirloom this year. Fruits grow erect on the plant, and have a moderate level of spice that is mostly contained to the ribs. The flavor is complex and aromatic. Young green fruits are traditionally roasted and stuffed with meat or cheese. The mature red fruit can be dried and turned into an intensely flavorful chile powder. We received our planting stock from @mat_lad who picked up seeds during a trip to Oaxaca. Mat suggests cutting off the top, putting salt around the rim and using them as shot glasses for mezcal.

Note on our 2017 grown peppers: We had an isolation distance of 75' between varieties. Based on flower shapes we think it is highly unlikely that varieties crossed, but if you happen to see a fun outlier, let us know!  

Packet: 30 seeds

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