Black Kabuli Garbanzo Bean

Black Kabuli Garbanzo Bean


(Cicer arietinum)
90-110 Days

Garbanzo beans are INSANELY easy to grow, and are often less finicky than other species of dry beans. We plant ours in March when we direct sow our peas, and they are often one of the first seeds we harvest in early summer. Make sure to keep soil moist after planting, and consider pre-soaking seed for 24-48 hours before seeding.

This black variety makes for a beautiful falafel or a nice accent when cooked and tossed into salads. Threshing and winnowing dry beans is extremely easy, and a great way to get kids excited about saving seeds. Think of the summer dance party you can have on a tarp to crack open the pods and reveal these beautiful beans! *all the heart emojis*

We have two harvests to choose from for this variety. One was grown in 2017 at our Utah farm, and the other was grown by us in 2014 in milder conditions in Oregon. The Oregon grown seed was quicker to germinate in our germination trials.

Packet: 75 Seeds

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