Russian House Tomato

Russian House Tomato


(Solanum lycopersicum)

A unique and charming tomato, visitors touring our greenhouse were literally cooing over them and us right along with them. The dwarf plants have a compact habit about 1½ feet tall with thick, blue-green foliage. They are indeterminate growers (continuous blooming/fruiting) and prolific producers of tasty red cherry tomatoes. Grow them outside in the summer as you would your typical tomato, they seem to tolerate more shade than other tomatoes but they still need sun. They make a great patio plant! Bring them in to sit by a sunny window or other good light source through the cold season.

Trim them back as needed to remove leggy growth from weak light or to renew them in the fall and accommodate the space they are in. When keeping them in pots in the house, ensure that they have ample nutrition from compost or other mineral and micronutrient rich fertilizer but cut down on the growth stimulating nutrients NPK (Nitrogen, Phosphorus and Potassium), as the plants are relatively dormant in the winter time. I like to give them a monthly spray and water with a weak kelp tea solution to help keep the leaves green and healthy. Rinse the plants off occasionally to head off indoor insect problems in their weakened state.

We sourced our seed originally from J. L. Hudson Seeds. They received it from Curtis Androsoff who said about it, "The House Tomato are heritage seed. I have two plants that are 12 years old, producing good fruit. I cut them down for new growth each year. If you leave them, some plants grow too high in the house over winter. New growth produces more fruit. First seeds came to Canada in 1893 with my grandmother from Tbilisi Russia on an old sail ship. My people settled in Saskatchewan."

Packet: 25 seeds

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