Double Black Hollyhock

Double Black Hollyhock


(Alcea rosea)

These deeply pigmented bodacious double blooms are SO πŸ‘ FREAKING πŸ‘ BEAUTIFUL πŸ‘! We are so excited to be adding this variety to our dye line-up this year! We also have petals for sale here if you want to try them out before committing to a biennial.

Depending on pH balance and mordant choice, you can get beautiful purples, blues, and teals with black hollyhock petals. Our climate is arid enough that we wait for petals to dry on the plant before removing them to store for dyeing. In a humid environment, you may want to harvest fresh flowers and dry them in a dehydrator to prevent mold from building up on the inside of the doubled petals.

Hollyhocks are short-lived perennials that are great at self-seeding. They can be a little temperamental to germinate, so we recommend over-sowing your seed and then thinning as needed. Direct sow in spring, about a week or so before your last frost date, or in late summer through early fall. Often times, hollyhocks will bloom their second year, so make sure to plan ahead! Sow groups of 3-5 seeds in 1/2” deep holes about two feet apart from one another. Thin each group leaving the strongest seedling behind. Make sure the soil doesn’t dry out while the plant is getting established. If you are seeding in late summer, you may want to lightly mulch the plant before winter to protect it in harsher climates.

Dead-heading your flowers paired with consistent watering will encourage blooming until your first frost. You can get an incredible amount of dye material from just a couple of plants over the course of the season.

Packet: 75 seeds

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