(Nigella damascena)
We’ll donate 50% of online Love-in-a-Mist sales to Equality Utah

Love-in-a-mist may be the most aptly named flower variety we grow. Our population is a charming mix of pink, white, and blue blossoms that are beautifully framed by diaphanous green skirts that form the plant’s signature mist-like appearance. When a slight breeze brushes against them, the swirl of floating blossoms is enchanting.

Throughout the growing season, our love-in-a-mist flowers made us think about Monica Helms’ Transgender Pride Flag. The physical similarities (light blue, pink, and white), paired with a name that perfectly captures the nebulous nature of sex and gender, made it an easy comparison to make. In an era where some elected officials are reversing years of progress on LGBT issues and worries about the safety of our community stay fresh on the mind, it’s comforting to see signs of queer love and acceptance in unlikely or abstract places.

After spending a season associating this variety with the Transgender Pride Flag and issues facing the LGBT community, we’ve decided to donate 50% of online love-in-a-mist sales to our local LGBT advocacy group, Equality Utah. This organization works tirelessly for a fair and just Utah by working towards their mission: “To secure equal rights and protections for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer Utahns and their families.”

Direct sow seeds early to mid spring when soil temperatures are around 60º. Germination will take 8-16 days. Thin plants to 6” spacing. These won’t overshadow other plants and can handle being a bit crowded, which makes them a great companion plant to fill in your garden. The fresh flowers and dried seedpods are stunning in flower arrangements and provide rich textures that keep your piece from looking flat. The fruity tasting seeds also make a nice edible garnish.

Packet: 100 seeds

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