Narrowleaf Milkweed

Narrowleaf Milkweed


(Asclepias fascicularis)

Narrowleaf Milkweed is a beautiful, drought-tolerant, perennial wildflower native to many of the western states. The flowers are like a smaller version of common milkweed flowers and have a color range of greenish-white to rose-pink. Our seed stock are the contrasting white and dusty rose version. The plants bloom from early summer into the fall and more lushly with supplemental water.

They grow as a 3x3 foot clump with upright stems, long narrow leaves and many clusters of flowers. Prefer full sun to part shade and winter hardy to at least USDA zone 6.

A host plant to the majestic Monarch Butterfly and charming Red Milkweed Beetle and provider of pollen and nectar to many other pollinator species. The Red Milkweed Beetle’s scientific name is tetraopes tetrophthalmus which translates from ancient greek to four eyes four eyes because the beetle’s antennae developed to grow in the middle of what were once single eyes splitting two to make four. Ethnobotany: Narrowleaf milkweed is a traditional cordage plant, you can twist the long fibers from the dead stems to make a strong, thin line. The seed fluff makes a great moccasin/slipper liner as well!

For more information on milkweed species of the Great Basin, check out this great PDF that was put together from a partnership between the Xerces Society, NRCS, USDA, and Monarch Joint Venture.

Packet: 30 Seeds

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