Standing Cypress

Standing Cypress

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(Ipomopsis rubra)


A gift for you and your hummingbird neighbors! Add one free packet of this to your order if you are interested.

Standing cypress was the last variety that we threshed this year. We don't have enough in stock to warrant a germination test or deep cleaning, so we are going to be sending it out for free to those interested until we run out. 

This wildflower is a native of a large area from North Carolina to Texas. It prefers well draining soil. Plant indoors a few weeks before the last frost date, and then transplant to 1' spacing. You can also direct sow in autumn for blooms the following summer. They are biennials, so they typically bloom their second year, but ours managed to bloom during their first season here in Utah. We planted ours in flats in mid-March, transplanted in April, and had blooms by late July. We’ve also had success sowing them between snow storms in late February.

If you cut down the first flowering stalk when it has finished blooming, the plant will be encouraged to send up more flowers.

On multiple occasions we saw flowers detach from the plants as a hummingbird would back away after drinking nectar, leaving the birds with a little flower tube stuck to their beaks. #cuteoverload

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