Black Spanish Radish

Black Spanish Radish


(Raphanus sativus)

These black-skinned radishes have a nice spice to them and get deliciously sweet after a few hard frosts (they retain some spiciness). We recommend sowing the seeds in August for autumn harvest, but you can sow them throughout the growing season.

We like these thinly sliced in salads, lacto-fermented into pickles, or baked with other root crops. We’ve also really enjoyed a traditional Russian recipe for coughs: Cut off the top of the radish and hollow out the center. Fill the cavity with honey, and let sit for 4-6 hours to allow the radish juices to be pulled into the honey. Stir the mixture, and take a tablespoon every few hours as needed. We thought the flavors wouldn’t be very complimentary, but found it to be very wholesome and earthy. For more information about making medicine from the radishes, there are lots of blog posts about it in English from Russian sources.

Packet: 150 Seeds

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