White Teff

White Teff


(Eragrostis tef)

If you have been intimidated by growing grains you should give teff a whirl! Teff is adapted to both water logged soil and drought conditions, and is virtually impossible to kill. Ours died back to the ground from a random hard frost in spring, and came back from the dead with a vengeance. After we harvested the first wave of grain, it decided to re-sprout from the ground and mature a second harvest in the same season!

Teff was domesticated in high altitude areas of Ethiopia and Eritrea by semi-nomadic populations who were able to replant large areas with just a small handful of grain. The seeds are protein and iron rich and used in the production of the sourdough bread injera. It makes a great addition to hot cereal.

We start ours indoors before the last frost, and transplant at 1' spacing.

Packet: 500 seeds

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