Tenpetal Blazingstar

Tenpetal Blazingstar


(Mentzelia decapetala)

Tenpetal blazingstar, evening-star, evening starflower, candleflower, gumbo lily, chalk lily

A native, drought-tolerant wildflower found in Utah and the central states. It has a spectacular display of large, yellow-centered, creamy-white flowers that resemble cactus flowers. Through the summer they open their flowers in the evening and close before morning. They can also open in overcast weather and attract many nighttime pollinators like moths and possibly pollinating bat species in the desert Southwest. We saw bees trying to get at the still closed flowers around dusk on many occasions. The flowers smell like honey! Would make a great moon garden plant alongside sacred datura and evening primrose.

Tenpetal blazingstar is a biennial to short-lived perennial wildflower with a long taproot and it can be found growing in dry areas, quick draining soils and slopes on harsh, full sun, exposures like road cuts and skree slopes and can be surprisingly lush looking for its harsh environs. The plants can grow to a few feet in height and width and have interesting toothed leaves with a rough texture.

The plants tolerate consistent watering as long as they have some drainage and a chance to dry out a bit and enough sun. Direct seeding in the fall or early spring is best so the plants can develop their long taproots, but they can be started in flats or pots as long as you plant them out before they stunt themselves in small containers.

Night-evening blooming!
Utah native, we have found it in North and central Utah!

Packet: 50 seeds


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