Lindley's Clarkia

Lindley's Clarkia


(Clarkia amoena var. lindleyii)

Lindley’s clarkia is an annual wildflower from the shortgrass prairies of Western Washington, Oregon and British Columbia. These lovely pale pink, 2-inch flowers can have fuschia patches inside the petals and grow on upright plants that can be up to 3-4 feet tall and branched or short stems with a single flower depending on how much water and nutrition they receive. They are also called Lindley’s Farewell-to-Spring, so named for blooming in the transition from spring to summer. Spread seeds in late summer, fall, early spring or winter in (mild areas) for flowers in the summer. These flowers are favored by many small native bees, and leafcutter bees love to cut the petals for making their nesting tubes.

Direct seed in fall, or early spring through summer, or start in flats in the green house with strong light and plant out before they start blooming. They will be stronger and more drought-tolerant if direct seeded or planted as small starts.

Full to part sun
Low to medium water

Packet: 475 Seeds

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