Red Huauzontle

Red Huauzontle


(Chenopodium nuttalliae)

Excellent multi-purpose hot weather green! This Mexican plant thrives during the heat of summer. The young leaves are really lovely fresh in a mixed salad or sauteed with some garlic and olive oil. The best part of this veggie is the flower buds. They are so fresh and nutty! You can simply cook them up with some salt and butter, or you can do the extravagant Oaxacan recipe of huauzontles rellenos de queso. This recipe is to die for. Boil the buds, then form a ball of the cooked material around Oaxacan cheese. Batter the ball like you would a chile relleno, then deep fry. Serve smothered in mole or enchilada sauce. *DROOLING*

Packet: 500 seeds

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