Desert Bluebells

Desert Bluebells


(Phacelia campanularia)

An annual wildflower hailing from the desert Southwest, these striking, deep purple/blue flowers bloom prolifically from spring till frost. They tolerate drought and can take hot and dry conditions but will bloom much longer and grow larger if they receive consistent, low watering. The plants will even survive a few dips into freezing and keep blooming in the fall. Like many wildflowers of the southwest and California deserts they have an interesting smell that isnโ€™t the typical sweetness. Desert bluebell flowers have a sweet but peppery aroma and they produce a steady and plentiful supply of nectar and pollen that bring in a wide array of pollinators.

Direct seed in fall, or early spring through summer, or start in flats in the green house with strong light and plant out before they start blooming. They will be stronger and more drought-tolerant if direct seeded or planted as small starts. These plants naturalize well in warm to hot summer areas if allowed to drop seeds.

Full to part sun.
Very low to medium water
Pollinator magnet!

Packet: 250 seeds

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