Elkhorn Clarkia

Elkhorn Clarkia


(Clarkia pulchella)

This vibrantly colored, annual wildflower has a striking and unique antler shape. Its native distribution ranges through the northwestern states from South Dakota to British Columbia in Canada. Named for Captain William Clark of the Lewis and Clark expedition, it grows up to a foot and a half tall and can be un-branched or widely branching, and blooms from late spring to mid-summer. Like its cousin Lindleyโ€™s clarkia, the leafcutter bees enjoy using its petals for lining their nest tubes. Attracts bees and butterflies. Elkhorn Clarkia is a resilient steppe and grasslands plant with wide soil tolerances and can handle drought and some crowding.

Direct seed in fall, or early spring through summer, or start in flats in the green house or with plenty of light and plant out before they start blooming. They will be stronger and more drought-tolerant if direct seeded or planted as small starts.

Full to part sun
Low to medium water

Packet: 200 seeds

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